Collection of class and camp projects that you can buy and build at home. Offered by Jim McMillan, Kinetic Learning Center, DallasJim McMillan, Dallas, Home School Teacher, uses hands-on projects, teaching, Robotics, Electonics, Science, and Technology. Learn electrical & mechanical problem solving skills, creative techiniques, simplified engieering principles and divergent thinking abilities


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(2) Robots work together

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(3) Asimo shows us how
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(4) Nao is very funny
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(5) 4 piece Robot Band
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(6) About 20 Fembot Robots
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(8) Male & Female Robots
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(10) Girl friend, cost $150 (11) Don't miss the Spiders
(12) Basic to industrial Bots

KLC Safe Videos 13-15

(13) Japanese research
Advanced Robot Hand
(14) It actually is a Robot
Is it Human or Humanoid?
(15) Humanoid Designs 1&2
There are two videos, clk left arrow
KLC Safe Videos: 16-18

(16) Very fast fighting Robots
2 on 1 and they are very fast
(17) 'Rollo' Robot Stereo
Interactive Robot Stereo
(18) Apx 20 Wall-e Shorts

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KLC Safe Videos 19-21

(19) Triple Pwr RatTrap
Runs length of Gym in 10 seconds
(20) 500ft WaterRocket
More KLC Videos to be added
(21)interchangeable barrels Powered by two 100,000 Volt Stunguns! takes time to load
KLC Safe Videos

(22) U-tube scrambled pic, I will fix
Thousands exist in Europe
(23) Mad Rabbit attacks 7ft snake
This is a really serious Bunny
This class Project was inspired
by the Apple 'Sleep-mode' light

KLC Videos 25-27

(25) Hybrid Motorbike
Really impressive, from apx 7 yrs ago
(26) Self Reversing Car
Kids love it, changes direction when hit
(27) Light Show Movie
Salt Students Project

KLC Safe Videos 27-30

(28) Artificial Intelligence
Highly respected in his field
(29) 650hp custom built Racer
Custom built for this video
30 Robot Snake 3D Robot Snake
KLC Safe Videos 31-33
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(31) Jim teaching a classYes, we used to build WarBots in Classes, years ago!
Heights Park
Warbot class
(32) TV be Gone kitLoads of Fun, can turn on/off almost any TV
My favorite toy, los of FUN
(33) Camp Chair modified by Jimlooking good
Jims custom wheelchair
he used after the accident

(40) 4 Summer Camp Helpersnames to be added
Josh, Joe, Ethan & Sara
(41) Ethan the Best of all!helped me for 10 years
Anticipated needs, was excellent in every way
(42) Sara, #1 Girl Helper--Was really good with younger campers
Congratulations you did it! &
became Beautiful inside-out

(42) Jim McMillanOK, I was younger, kinder & more gentle then
Jim McMillan
(43) Jim McMillan(??) ...........----------
(??) ...........----------
(??) ...........----------

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